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About Us

House of Rest of the Presbyterian Church USA (HOR) is a Christian non-profit organization established with funds received from David and Mary Gamble.  HOR primarily operates and maintains a short-term Guest House in Pasadena, California.

The Guest House welcomes mission personnel who come to California while on furlough, study leave or in the process of relocating in the US.

Priority is given to mission co-workers, mission volunteers and Young Adult Volunteers with the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Also eligible to stay are Presbyterian mission workers sent through local churches and active and retired PCUSA clergy.

Mission workers serving with one of the fraternal partners of PCUSA or Presbyterian missionaries sent by an agency other than the PCUSA are also welcomed to stay.

Guests stay in fully furnished apartments at a low cost. There are 2 one bedroom apartments and 5 two bedroom apartments. There is a quiet garden for guests to enjoy, a playground for children, a laundry room and covered parking. A resident manager is the host of the facility and oversees its functions.

In addition to operating and maintaining the Guest House, HOR also supports local residential retirement communities where former mission workers have chosen to retire.